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After registering, you will be directed to Webpage Tracker. On this page, you will get an exact idea about your website. SuiteJar shows you how many web pages have been updated in the last 90 days and how many broken sitemap URLs are there, and everything in a single click. In addition, there are several additional features like word count checker.

How does webpage Tracker work?

Navigate to Dashboard> Select Webpage Tracker

Click on “+” icon. Type your website's URL in the dropdown.

Wait for a few seconds or minutes (depending upon how many webpages are there on your website). SuiteJar will then provide you with all of the pertinent information. 

The first section of the report provides a summary of your website's health.

1. Insights

Insight lets you know which web pages need to be updated. It also shows when these web pages were last updated along with its word count.

2. Critical Insights

Critical Insights lets you know which web pages need to be updated immediately based on the SuiteJar algorithm. It shows how many error pages there are on the website

3. Broken Sitemap URL’s

This will assist you in locating and easily fixing a broken sitemap URL, and the broken URLs in a sitemap.

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